Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Festival Wrap Up

It is official-- as of today, "The Changeling" has been rejected from EVERY festival we applied to. That's a total of 90 festivals on five continents!

I have to say, this feels like a kind of honor. I don't know anyone who has been rejected from this many festivals.

What removes the sting is the fact that we got a nice NYC run of the movie and a review in the New York Times and Variety, which I would never have gotten out of a showing at a festival. So there.

In other festival news, a short I made this year played at the Dragon*Con film fest last month. That was lots of fun.

Onwards and upwards! My new feature, a ghost story set in an archive, tentatively titled "Archive Fever" is scheduled to shoot in 2008. Watch this space for info on that project as it develops.