Sunday, November 20, 2005

Music Recording and Sound Effects

The last few weeks have been difficult. We've been working late hours to get all the sound effects recorded for the movie. Every time a charcter moves, we need an appropriate sounding clothes rustle (right sound for the material, appropriate speed and type of movement), and of course there are footsteps, floor creaks, and more exciting sound effects like stabbing. Yesterday we brought the actors into the studio and spent most of the day recording just breaths.

Why do all this, you may ask? Why not use pre-recorded sound effects from a CD somewhere? Although it's a huge amount of work for us to record every effect just right and then for Greg (the sound designer) to edit the sounds, equalize and place them properly, the result is that we have complete control over the soundscape of the film. And this will hopefully overall help the movie in hundred of subtle ways.

In other news, we recorded the music for the movie on Friday at Threshold Music. Zach Abramsom, the composer, brought in three great musicians (David Friend on piano, Jody Redage on cello, and Kevin Sims on percussion). The score turned out wonderfully - it was as good and effective as I could hope for.

Lots to get done by the end of the month - Greg moves to LA on the 30th so we need to get everything recorded so he can start the mixing out there. I'm applying to a film festival with a deadline of January 8th so we have to hurry to get everything done by then. But there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel!