Monday, December 05, 2005

Color Correction and Final Audio

I have been working with Joel Spitalnik on color correction. Color correction is the stage of the filmmaking process where you look at every shot in the final movie and adjust levels of light and dark, as well as manipulate the colors to get the exact look you're working for. Because Alan and his lighting team were so amazing, there's very little color correcting that we have to do. But we're doing things that really take the images to the next level. Joel's small adjustments to color and light have made the intimate scenes more intimate, the creepy scenes more creepy.

We're also nearing the end of the sound process. Greg, the sound designer, has placed almost all the sound effects. It's been a big effort to make every sound (we had a three hour recording session to get the perfect stabbing sound for one scene in the movie, for example) but it's really paying off. We hope to start mixing the levels of the audio next week, which will be the final stage of post production.

We're so close to finishing. I'm really looking forward to this process being done, although I'm sure I'll go crazy with boredom once it is. That's why I'm already starting working on ideas for the next movie!