Monday, May 15, 2006

Changeling Review on

We got a review on

Microfilmmaker is a monthly web magazine which reviews low budget filmmaking equipment, software, books about filmmaking, and super low budget shorts and features ($1 to $30,000).

I sent a DVD to them to get a review which might contribute to some "buzz" for the movie.

The review is OK. You can read it here.

The problem is not so much that this is a technical review (that's after all, the mission of the site), but that the reviewer doesn't really seem like she knows what she's talking about. She complements the gaffing (which means the lighting, done wonderfully on our film by Darren Froehlich) but doesn't credit the cinematographer, who, after all, oversaw and planned all of the lighting. Also, her comments about sound indicate that she didn't realize that she just needed to turn her TV up to a certain level for the audio to work (the low audio she mentions either comes from her TV set or is due to the DVD compression -- the sound of the movie is at broadcast standard). And she didn't seem to understand that our handheld camera work was supposed to look, well, handheld, not like a steadicam. Her comment about music is also more of an opinion than a critique.

That said, overall she's complimentary and I am mostly happy that she was able to follow the complicated plot and archaic language without a hitch.

Incidentally, we got a better review than the other feature Microfilmmaker reviewed this month, and that movie played at Cannes, which rejected The Changeling.